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Some smart options

Modular from sorting to shipping, including quality management.

Some smart options


When the unpacked products arrive, the data of the weight and variety are entered into the software, existing stock levels are automatically adjusted. It is possible to make pallets from the producer so that the packaging location can anticipate its function and activities. With the help of barcode technology and extensive tracking & tracing functions the entire life cycle from product to the article is clear at any time.

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With the help of this versatile module sales orders are produced and shipped to the customer. With the help of the planning function of Work-IT, the orders at the production site are scheduled and the production process can be followed step by step. After producing loading takes place. The pick list ensures that the right pallets go to the right customer. Required documents, such as delivery notes and the CMR, are generated and each pallet produced is assigned a unique pallet number.

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Fust management

Having packaging material in stock on time is essential to ensure flawless delivery, without the amount of stock causing unnecessarily high storage costs. With Fust management, you have a clear picture of what the current and expected stock is. With real-time data it can be determined whether packaging needs to be reordered. You keep an overview of all placed orders. The packaging deliveries are easily added to the stock.

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And there is more…

What quality did the product have when it entered the packaging house and what did it look like when it went to the customer? For each customer, it is possible to set the approval requirements, how strict they are and the size of the sample. Also, the inspection of outbound orders is extensively supported. Inspection reports of pallets can easily be generated afterwards.

Work-IT provides extensive reporting options that provide a flawless insight into productivity, quality and costs. This means you know exactly what your position is and whether adjustments are necessary. In addition to standard reports, Work-IT also has the possibility to compose reports according to its own insight.

The power of Work-IT packaging

  • Complete and modular
  • Inspection and quality registration
  • Extensive track & trace functions
  • Waste registration per batch
  • Create lists and reports yourself
  • Integration with sorting and weighing systems
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