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“Through Work-IT we have a comprehensive registration, that is us saving money”

Plant Grower - Managing Director

“The software offers us insight to implement targeted improvements”

Tomato grower - Operations manager

“An important link in our automation”

Orchid grower - Financial director

“We continuously strive for improvement, in which the choice for Work-IT fits”

Tomato grower - Crop specialist

“At Looye Kwekers we have our business straightened out’”

Tomato grower - Manager Packaging

“The advantage of Nitea software is that you can scale up in modules”

Freesia grower - Director

“The registration and scanning app saves us costs and time”

Pepper grower -Director


Vegetables and soft fruit

Variety of customers, from small to very large. For example, growers of peppers and tomatoes and also of cucumbers and strawberries.

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Beautiful products and mostly internationally oriented; these organizations also rely on Work-IT software from Nitea.

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Various solutions and modules for growers specialized in pot plants and the growing of vegetable plants.

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Customers who pack independently or on behalf of a cooperative and work Work-IT ranging from basic to extensive deployment.

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