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Simple in use and flawless in productivity, presentations and costs.

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The online software solution for labour and production registration in greenhouse horticulture.

Work-IT Online

For an insight in all the stock, activities and processes in the packing.

Work-IT Packaging


Vegetables and soft fruit

Approximately 55 percent of the surface of greenhouse in the Benelux is for the account of growers from vegetables and soft fruits. Our Labour & Production module is for a lot of the growers a base where the different labour processes are scheduled, controlled an checked.

Work-IT Online


The floriculture sector is characterized by the billions of annual export value and the seasonal changes in staff size. Work-IT has extravagance functions an example is our measure and reward of presentations, costs management and labour planning, connects well to this.

Work-IT Online


Dutch greenhouse (glass) growers of (pot) plants succeed in cultivating them in greenhouses in an extremely effective way. Innovation is an important note. Our software can contribute to this. An example is excellent labour registrations and the handling of the work orders and the link with the ERP system.

Work-IT Online


Because vegetables travel a long way to the consumer, they are well packed. This allows for any turbulence, this way they will stay longer fresh and are still tasty. Work-IT software efficiently supports organizations in their small or large-scale packaging activities, from sorting, weighing to loading.


The power of Work-IT

  • Developed for the practice
  • Simple in use and easy to configure
  • Including different handy apps
  • Complete and modular
  • For large and small organisations
  • The best price to quality ratio

The online software solution for labour and production registration in greenhouse horticulture. Control, freedom, insight and overview. All company-wide data in one tool through endless integrations.

Work-IT Online

Insight into stocks, activities and processes. A unique and scalable software system for both small-scale packaging activities and chain-wide support within packing areas.

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